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Rediscover the Epic Tale of Your Life

A little of the hero resides in each one of us.

Our stories will awaken the spark of what it means to rediscover your own epic journey.

Founded by award-winning director Sergio Navarretta and writer Alessandra Piccione, S.N.A.P. Films Inc. is a production house and creative hub committed to developing meaningful and impactful content. Alongside numerous television projects, the company has completed several short subject films, two documentaries, and three internationally award-winning feature films, including: THE CUBAN; THE COLOSSAL FAILURE OF THE MODERN RELATIONSHIP; and LOOKING FOR ANGELINA.

Alessandra Piccione

Writer, Co-founder

Alessandra Piccione holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Toronto and Master’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Victoria. She began her writing career in the world of theatre, working for the Toronto-based Pirandello Theatre Society. After meeting New York writer Frank Canino, Alessandra became interested in the history of Angelina Napolitano, and teamed up with Canino to write the screenplay for what became the internationally award-winning film, LOOKING FOR ANGELINA. Inspired by her own experience, and the personal stories of her collaborators, Alessandra wrote the screenplay for THE CUBAN, which is now featured in the Core Collection at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Margaret Herrick Library. The film attracted an A-list calibur of talent, including Oscar Winner Louis Gossett Jr, Oscar nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo, Lauen Holly, Giacomo Gianniotti and Degrassi star, Ana Golja. Alessandra has written and produced three feature films under S.N.A.P. Films Inc., including THE CUBAN, THE COLOSSAL FAILURE OF THE MODERN RELATIONSHIP, and LOOKING FOR ANGELINA. In addition, she reunited with Frank Canino to pen WHAT WE HAVE LEFT, which won the Feature Screenplay award at the WILDSound International Screenplay Festival in Toronto, Canada. She has also written feature scripts for AMBI Pictures, as well as Ken Corday and NBC Studios.

Alessandra is currently living in her happy place, developing new creative projects for the company, intended to entertain, inspire, and bring more light into the world. She is a producer for all S.N.A.P. Films Inc.’s projects and is continuing her mission to tell high quality, entertaining and inspirational stories that resonate with audiences everywhere.

Sergio Navarretta

Director, Co-founder

Sergio Navarretta

Sergio Navarretta is an internationally award-winning director. He draws inspiration from Italian neorealism and is passionate about telling meaningful stories that explore the human condition and bring more light into the world. Sergio is proud to have directed legendary Oscar Winner Louis Gossett Jr. in one of his final starring roles in the Canadian Screen Award nominated film, THE CUBAN, which also features Oscar nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo, Degrassi’s Ana Golja, Giacomo Gianniotti and Lauren Holly. He helmed S.N.A.P. Film Inc’s feature productions: THE COLOSSAL FAILURE OF THE MODERN RELATIONSHIP and LOOKING FOR ANGELINA, as well as short projects such as THE FORTUNE COOKIE, OVER A SMALL CUP OF COFFEE, and the animated film EN PLEIN AIR, an homage to the Group of Seven. Most recently, Sergio directed the feature film YUPPIE, starring Lauren Holly, and is signed to direct the groudbreaking AI documentary, THE HUMANITY CODE and the dramatic series, L’AMERICA. He is also directing the S.N.A.P. Films Inc. production, WHAT WE HAVE LEFT in 2024.

Sergio brings extensive producing experience to S.N.A.P. Films, having worked with A-List actors. He executive produced ANDRON, starring Danny Glover and Alec Baldwin, the animated film ARCTIC DOGS, with Jeremy Renner,Heidi Klum, John Cleese, Angelika Huston, Alec Baldwin and Omar Sy, and LAMBORGHINI, starring Antonio Banderas. He was also a consulting producer on TRADING PAINT, starring John Travolta.

Navarretta was honoured to act as a mentor for Being Black in Canada’s Being Black in Toronto 2020 initiative, in collaboration with S.N.A.P. Films Inc.

An active member of the DGC, Sergio is currently developing both live action and animated feature films, documentaries, television series, and projects across media. He hosts the podcast, CREATIVITY UNLEASHED, that explores the importance of creativity as an ingredient in the recipe for success in any field.

Learn more about Sergio and his work here.

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