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Creativity Unleashed - Revealing the Secrets of Peak Performance for Creative People
Episode Transcripts


Sergio Navarretta, Host: Hi, my name is Sergio Navarretta. I am a director, producer, and all-around creative person, and I also happen to be the audience for my new podcast, Creativity Unleashed. Creativity Unleashed is a podcast where I want to have edited conversations with people across industries, who are leaders in their field, to discuss how creativity comes into play in their storied lives and careers. What I want for you, the listener, is to learn from experts about how creativity goes hand-in-hand with a champion mindset, and how creativity can be unleashed and effectively utilize to help you achieve your goals. Performance athletes have coaches, so why not creatives? My hope is that Creativity Unleashed will offer space where like-minded people and creatives everywhere can unite and form a community where we can all get our questions answered. All of us can learn how to get in touch with and apply our creativity whether you work in entertainment, sports, business, the law, or on the moon. Like, follow, subscribe, and join us as we unleash our creativity. Listen to Creativity Unleashed wherever you get your podcasts.

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